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If there's one place I did not have on my list, it was Cabo. Isn't that where annoying, drunk, culturally ignorant Americans go to lay on the beach, tan, and drink overpriced margaritas? Well, yes, it definitely is. And what's worse, Cabo may have transformed me into one of those tourists. And I loved every second of it.

I can't make many recommendations for Cabo. Dance at El Squid Roe, eat some tacos that won't be the best in Mexico but you won't really care because you'll be four beers deep, walk down Medano beach and be hassled by men trying to sell you $12 umbrella spots. None if it will matter because you'll be in Cabo, land of the spontaneous vacation.

We snuck into our fancier sister hotel's infinity pool and got kicked out, danced at an under-construction house overlooking the city, and got stranded on an isolated beach as the tide rose and the sun sunk. Cabo has inspired me to be more spontaneous with my next vacation, and try to drop my down-to-the-minute planning.

And with that, I leave you with this:

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