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After a few days on Kauai, we hopped on a (very short) flight to Oahua. From talking to my friends who have spent a lot of time in Hawaii, Oahu seems to be the least favored, and unfortunately this was around the time Hurricane Lane was headed straight for the islands, so we didn't get to do many of our planned activities. I will say, however, that there were multiple hikes we wanted to go on that I am eager to return for, and the North Shore (where we stayed) of the island was beautiful. I can also definitely recommend some food...

Where We Ate

Fumi's Kahuku Shrimp Truck. The North Shore is known for their shrimp trucks, and this place delivers. We had garlic and coconut shrimp -- the rice, smothered in butter and garlic, may be the best part of the meal. Outdoor seating only, $14 a plate.

Aloha Shrimp. Another shrimp truck on the North Shore, not as well known but even better than Fumi's. It's very small, family-run, and the same price as Fumi's. Get the spicy garlic lemon shrimp - amazing.

The main event we traveled to Oahu for was my friend's wedding. Even though the date fell during the hurricane (which actually ended up missing Oahu), it was beautiful ...

The happy couple post-reception

Overall, I feel that Oahu has a lot to do. It may not be as isolated or laid-back as Kauai, but we appreciated that things were open a bit later and the North Shore of the island rivals Kauai for beauty. I hope be back soon.

Shave ice, the ubiquitous Hawaiian dessert

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