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The Weekend

The next morning, we headed out to The Sunset and climbed the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps. Well worth it for the amazing view at the top of the hill. The Sunset was a very residential neighborhood compared to the other areas of SF that we spent time in, and afterward we headed to Golden Gate Park to find the bison, which did not disappoint.

Amazing view at the top of the 16th Ave Tiled Steps

That night we had dinner with friends at Il Casaro and drinks at Tosca beforehand. I highly recommend Tosca -- the drinks were delicious and the bar was very cute. I also enjoyed Il Casaro, although some in my party complained that the pizza was not crispy enough.

We spent the rest of the weekend stopping in cute botiques, exploring neighborhoods like Potrero Hill and Hayes Valley, and walking around the farmer's market at the Ferry Terminal Building. Some of the best food I had was at Nopa, where we had brunch on our last day. We toured the San Francisco Academy of Sciences (well worth it, if for the albino alligator alone), and took an impromptu side trip to the Sutro Baths (also worth it, at the end of Golden Gate Park).

Looking out over the ocean at Sutro Baths

Shark at the California Academy of Sciences

Overall, I loved SF and plan to return. I feel that this city, being as compact as it is, can be well-explored in just a few days, so it's good for a short trip. I had been to almost every neighborhood I wanted to go to by the time I left (although I am sure there are many I missed!) I wish I had packed sunscreen, since even though it was not very hot, I still got a little sunburned. Bring some warm layers and walking shoes, download Uber and Lyft onto your smartphone, and you'll be ready to explore one of the most beautiful and photogenic U.S. cities!

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